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May 20
13 Webinar sessions on new and emerging aspects of law

LawEscort is organizing a 13 Series. The faculty speaker is Ms. Navjot Suri,…

Jun 06
Webinar session on Emerging Trend towards Surrogacy laws in India

Get access to two hours session on Emerging Trend towards Surrogacy laws in India of…

Jun 05
LawEscort Webinar on Protection of Traditional Knowledge (IPR)

Protection of traditional knowledge webinar by navjot suri amity university pass out…

May 10
Mob Lynching- A threat to society

is an illegal way of punishing somebody by an informal group of people. A…

May 08
The Right to Private Defence in India

No act is an offense if it is done in the exercise of the right of .…

May 06
Kashmir Saffron finally gets Geographical Indication tag

India administered Kashmir is known for its high-quality , a spice derived from…

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