Law Atoms 10 lecture series on Indian Penal Code [23 June – 2 July]


Get access to 10 Online Lecture series on Indian Penal Code by Law Atoms with Speaker: Twinkle Tyagi, 11th Rank Holder from Rajasthan Judicial Services, LLB LLM from Delhi University

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Law Atoms in collaboration with LawEscort introduces 10 days online lecture series on Indian Penal Code, 1860.

The objective of the Lecture Series

Every year approximately 3.73 lac law graduates join the legal profession in India. But just graduating from a law college does not itself mean that you are capable enough to survive this cut-throat competition. To make your presence felt in this field one has to be well versed with the law subjects and that is the basic requirement that one can expect from a law student. These law subjects end up as a life saving skill for a law student. Thus, this means that possessing them would help them to sail through their career. All these thoughts led us to introduce a 10 days lecture series on Indian Penal Code, 1860. Through which we will try to cover all the important topics under the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

About the Speaker

Miss Twinkle Tyagi is the 11th Rank Holder from Rajasthan Judicial Services. She has pursued Economics (Hons.) and Bachelors in Law (LLB) from Delhi University. She has completed her Masters in Law (LLM) from Delhi University.

Details About the Event

Date: 23rd June – 2nd July 2020 Time: 4:00pm onwards Course Fee: Rs. 1750/-

Why Should you join this series?

  1. In-depth insight into core legal topics of IPC.
  2. Beneficial for Judiciary and other competitive exams.
  3. Thorough Reading Material will be provided on each topic.
  4. E-Certificates will be provided at the end of the series.


  1. College Students
  2. Judicial Aspirants
  3. Anyone who is interested in the topic

Topics to be covered under the lecture series

  1. Introduction (Crime and Offence, Illegal, Injury).
  2. Applicability (Focus on Section 3 and 4 with Section 188 CrPC, Enrica Lexie Case).
  3. Actus Reus and Mens Rea (Rule of Presumption in India and England, State of Maharashtra V. George).
  4. Intention, Knowledge, Reason to Believe, Motive.
  5. General Exceptions (Sec. 76,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,90,92,93,94, & 95) Read with Section 105 Evidence Act.
  6. Private Defence (Sec. 96-106) Read with Section 300 (Exception 2). (Yogendra Case, Suresh Singhal Case, Amjad Khan Case).
  7. Criminal Conspiracy (Under Section 120A & B).
  8. Abetment (Sec.107-116), Abetment to Suicide (Sec. 305, 306).
  9. Dowry Death Sec. 304 read with Sec. 498A.
  10. Joint and Constructive Liability Sec. 34 & 149, Read with Sec. 141-143.
  11. Rioting Sec. 146.
  12. Murder and Culpable Homicide Sec. 299 & 300.
  13. Death due to Rash and Negligent Act Sec. 304A.
  14. Wrongful Restraint and Wrongful Confinement under Sec. 339 & 340.
  15. Kidnapping and Abduction under Sec. 359 to 361.
  16. Section 354 & 509
  17. Adultery under Sec. 497.
  18. Theft, Extortion, Robbery, Criminal Misappropriation, Criminal Breach of Trust.
  19. Trespass, Defamation, Attempt.

Contact Information

Vishnu Goel: 7503215553 Aditi Marwaha: 8744022756 Mansi Malhotra: 8826875627


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