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Apr 27
Law on Prostitution in India

is the exchange of pleasure for financial benefits. Female…

Apr 26
COVID-19: Plea in SC seeking ‘Risk and Hardship Allowance’ for Police personnel

Retired IPS officer, Mr. Bhanupratap Bargehas filed a Public Interest Litigation ()…

Apr 26
Defence of Grave and Sudden provocation in Murder cases

The defence of crimes of passion challenges mens rea, suggesting that there was no…

Apr 25
3 weeks protection granted to Arnab Goswami by the Apex court

The on April 24 granted three weeks protection from arrest to Arnab…

Apr 25
Terrorism and Cyber Crimes in India

Abstract: The aim of this article is to analyze the increasing terrorism and cyber…

Apr 24
Plea in Delhi HC seeking directions for the safety of sanitation workers amid COVID-19 pandemic

A plea was filed on 23/04/2020 on Thursday in Delhi by social activist…

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