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Law Escort is a Legal Aid website which aims at providing latest law information and knowledge on various aspects of law reaching out to to everyone in common layman language. Law Escort puts up write ups in the form of News and Articles which are precise and understandable to everyone.

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Law Escort has also recently ventured into Legal Events and Seminars as well and lists latest law events happening all around India to make it easy for law students, professionals and academicians, helping them to search through number of events using its Advanced Search Engine system by feeding in it required event categories and locations and tags to fetch the most relevant results.

Organisers, Students, Co-ordinators, Teachers, etc. can also add event listings directly on the website as well by going on ‘Submit Article’ or ‘Add a Listing’ section of the website here.

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Law Escort is a legal blog with the aim of disseminating legal information to one and all in the form of Latest News, Long and Short Articles on Contemporary Legal Issues. It aims at providing the students and member of the legal arena with a platform to express their opinions by putting up their write ups on the website.

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Instagram: Law Escort shares Legal facts in the form of precise Snippets which aim at providing short and interesting legal facts which are 60 words short to aware common layman about their rights. For Example, 7 Rights if you get arrested, 10 Animal Rights, Women Rights, Employee’s Rights, Who Enjoys Immunity from Arrest in India, Evolution of Indian Legal System, etc.

Twitter: Law Escort aims at engaging it’s Twitter audience by putting Legal Articles and News and getting their opinions on the same.