Online DIY handmade organic Soap making workshop (Level 1)

Learn making handmade organic herbal basic: transparent and opaque soaps using Melt and Pour technique.

About the Organiser

Kalp Herbal Soap led by Delhi based female entrepreneur, along with Kalki Decor as Partner and & Razorpay as Payment Merchants are organizing a one-day workshop for people around the country and even foreigners on how to make DIY handmade organic soaps. They are also providing FREE soap making kits to help them learn and have on hand experience of making soaps.

About the Workshop

The Workshop will help attendees to learn how to make DIY handmade soaps out of all the essential materials readily delivered to their doorstep beforehand. The instructor will teach how to make soaps using the home-delivered Soap making material in the 1-2 hour long live class through Google Meet.

  • Workshop Mode – Google Meet
  • Workshop Date – 18th October 2020
  • Last Date of Registration – 10th October 2020
  • Time- to be updated on Facebook Page
  • Fee – Rs. 699 (Free soap making kit include)

Who should attend?

The workshop is however open to all. But, it will be most helpful for all those people who are looking to start a new business in low investment in this era of Coronavirus where most of the markets are hit, Soaps are one of the most essential items and hence it will be easier to look for business opportunities in this field.

It will also be useful for all those people who are kept on learning new things and developing new hobbies. Those who have queries regarding soap making are most welcomed.

About the Instructor

The instructor has herself learned making soaps 7 years ago and now has an established business around Delhi. The instructor will also be sharing her experiences, mistakes, tips and tricks, and business models and ideas during the workshop.

What are handmade Soaps?

Handmade soaps or DIY Soaps or Organic soaps are ones that can be made at home, no chemicals are used while making these soaps.

What kind of soaps will be taught?

This is the first of a total of four workshops in which the instructor will be teaching to make basic soaps: transparent and opaque soaps using the Melt and pour technique.

Where to Register?

Contact Details

  • Kalki Decor Facebook Page –
  • Kalp Herbal Soaps (Delhi) Facebook Page –
  • LawEscort Website (Event Managers) –
  • LawEscort Website Facebook Page –
  • Email ID – or
  • Number – 9990485395


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