The central government issued directions for doorstep delivery of medicine during lock-down

The Government of India gave permission for doorstep delivery during the lockdown period of twenty-one days. On Thursday government stated that it is impotent to help people in need in this time of crisis.

The government said that we are convinced that it is very essential for the public to get medicine on their doorstep and that also on time to meet the requirements of different emergencies arising during the twenty days of lockdown due to pandemic created by the coronavirus and in the public interest is very important to give a regulation advisory for that purpose.

These are the ministry advisory for the medicine delivery system.

These medicines that will be provided at the doorsteps fall under the Schedule H category which means such drugs cannot be purchased without the prescription of a qualified doctor.

Any sale of such drugs shall be based on receipt of prescription that is to be submitted physically or through e-mail.

The notifications issued by the Ministry also said the licensee shall submit an e-mail ID for registration with the licensing authority if prescriptions are to be received through email.

The Ministry said in case of chronic diseases, the prescription shall be dispensed only if it is presented to the licensee within 30 days of its issue and in acute cases, the prescription shall be dispensed only if it is presented to the licensee within 7 days of its issue.

The bill or cash memo shall be sent by the return email and records of all such transactions shall be maintained by the licensee.

According to the ministry, the total number of COVID-19 positive cases have risen to 649 in India (including 593 active cases, 42 cured/discharged people) and 13 deaths.