Plea in SC directing govt. to bring back Indian migrants stranded in Gulf

There was a PIL filed by Pravasi Cell Under 32 of the Constitution of India for the issuance of a Writ of the Mandamus Nature to direct the respondent: “Union of India”, through the Secretaries of “Ministry of External Affairs”, “Ministry of Home Affairs” and “Ministry of Health and Family ” on 10th April 2020 in the Supreme Court of India seeking Government to make Appropriate Arrangements to bring back all the Migrants Stranded in the Gulf Countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates) living in Vulnerable Conditions in  Labour Accommodations and also need to take some appropriate steps or measures to ensure the Safety and Well-being of all the Migrant Workers in the Gulf Countries.

What is Pravasi Legal cell?

 “Pravasi Legal cell” is a migrant welfare society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and providing legal services to poor and destitute migrants, represented through its secretary “Bins Sebastian” who is working as Assistant Professor.

A Step by Kerala Govt

Chief Minister of Kerala and Members of Parliament from Kerala had also already urged the same to Prime Minister and the External Affairs Minister by writing a letter.

Advocate Jose Abraham was represented on behalf of migrant welfare society named Pravasi Legal Cell and contended that there was around 9 million Indians who are presently employed in the Gulf countries hardly have access to medical treatment in their accommodations and a vast majority of workers/labours or employees are involved in as low-skilled labours, who are all are going through a challenging and struggling time to meet their basic needs due to the current jobless situation arising because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a typical labour accommodation arranged in the Gulf countries which is home to hundreds of thousands of men with a package of 8 or 10 men in a room which makes it very much difficult to stop the transmission of this virus. kitchens and toilets shared by the number of men are also unsanitary. So, this all would result in high risk of transmission owing to the cramped conditions.

The petitioner also mentioned in the petition that the migrant workers in the Gulf countries are being denied treatment in the Hospitals even after testing positive for COVID 19 and are told to stay back in their house or camps itself because of the increasing number of infected patients and shortage of beds in the government hospitals.

WHO Report

There are presently 2,932 reported COVID-19 cases in Saudi Arabia, 2,659 cases in the UAE, 2,210 cases in Qatar, 823 cases in Bahrain, 855 cases in Kuwait and 457 cases in Oman, as per WHO Report.


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