Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind moves SC seeking action against media for communalizing Nizzamudin Markaz issue

Jamiat ulama-I-hind is an organization of Islamic scholars, which has moved the Supreme court seeking action against the media for communalization of the Talibhi Jamaat meeting which was held in Delhi’s Nizammudin.

The plea is filed by Advocate Ejaz Maqbool, plea states that certain sections of the media have been using “Communal headlines” and “bigoted statements” demonizing and blaming the entire Muslim community of deliberately spreading the Coronavirus across the country, which in turn is causing a threat to the life of Muslims, and has thus led to the violation of their “Right to life under Article 21”. It also stated that the headlines and statements have triggered hatred at this crucial time where united efforts are required to fight COVID-19.

The petition stated that most of the reports used phrases like “Corona Jihad”, “Corona Terrorism” and “Islamic Resurrection”.

“Spreading of such communally charged news and yellow journalism has the effect of pitting different communities against each other and can also have the effect of creating social unrest in the country .”, Plea stated.

“Media was directed to maintain a strong sense of responsibility and ensure that unverified news capable of causing panic would not be disseminated.”, the petition stated that such fake reposts are a violation of the Supreme Court’s order dated March 31, which directed the media to publish official version and not the tainted versions of the reports dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Furthermore, the plea has urged that the media be directed to tread with caution, also warned against giving any communal twist to the Markaz incident and strict action to be taken against the media.