DHCBA introduces a scheme to extend financial aid to its members adversely impacted by COVID-19 Lockdown

Delhi High Court Bar Association introduced a scheme to extend financial aid to its members adversely impacted by COVID-19 Lockdown. According to the Scheme, a member would not be entitled to an aggregate ex gratia amount of more than Rs 10,000.

DHCBA would disburse ex gratia amounts to deserving members falling in any of the following categories:

  • Members having 0 to 7 years standing as Advocates and who are 32 years of age and below.
  • Members whose family/household income was equivalent to or less than Rs 6 lakh per annum in the preceding 12 months.
  • Members in need of money to defray urgent and unavoidable medical expenses for themselves or their dependent family members.
  • Members in dire need of funds to meet exceptional hardships.

Members falling in the above categories may make an application to the Bar Association at [email protected], setting out details such as name, year of enrolment, the aggregate income of family etc. Details are set out in the Notice.

There is no need to attach any affidavit or proof in support of the information provided in the application.

The DHCBA has marked a special budgetary allocation for this corpus from its existing funds. It is clarified that this Scheme has no nexus with any similar scheme taken out either by the Bar Council of Delhi or any other Association of Advocates.

Senior members of the Bar, designated seniors, law firms, members having established practices and those generally desirous of contributing are requested to come forward and generously donate towards the creation of a corpus.

Names of the donors would be displayed on the website of the DHCBA unless otherwise specified by the donor.

The discretion as to whether ex gratia amount is to be disbursed and if so, the quantum thereof, shall vest with the Executive Committee of the DHCBA.