Government warns of action under IPC for violating quarantine

An action shall be taken under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (disobeying public servant’s lawful order) if mandatory quarantine is violated, a directive issued by the Maharashtra government said on Wednesday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday night announced a 21-day lockdown, this measure was absolutely necessary to stop the transmission of COVID-19. Restrictions were already in place in Maharashtra.

It was assured by the government that the supply of essential commodities will not be disrupted.

During the Lockdown period, people step out to ensure for their essential commodities while strictly observing social distancing norms. The government took all these steps to ensure a continuous supply of essential commodities.

All those who have been directed by healthcare personnel to remain under strict home or hospital quarantine “shall comply with the directives failing which they will be liable to face legal action under section 188 of IPC”.

Violation of section 188 attracts jail term of one month or fine up to Rs 200, or both.

If the “disobedience causes danger to human life, health or safety”, the person can be punished with six months’ jail term and a fine of Rs 1,000 or both under the section.