Delhi HC asks Kunal Kamra to move appropriate authority with a challenge against the travel ban

The refused to entertain the filed by , Kamra approached the court challenging the travel ban imposed on him by Airlines, and .

The court permitted Kamra to withdraw the petition and move to appropriate authorities for redressal, as permitted by single judge bench of Justice Navin Chawla. Kamra moved to the high court stating that the travel ban imposed on him was in violation of the , the punishment imposed on him was established without following the due process. The High court disposed of this writ petition.

The airlines claimed that while travelling on a Mumbai to Lucknow Indigo Flight, the comedian Kunal Kamra provoked TV news anchor by asking questions about his journalism and giving his provoking opinions about his news presentation style. Indigo Airlines was represented by Senior Advocate Sandeep Sethi. Kamra was found guilty of level 1 offence by the indigo’s internal committee and banned him for flying for a period of three months, after which Vistara too banned him following the decision of the internal committee.

Mr Prashanto Sen, senior advocate along with Adv. Ujjawal Anand Sharma and Adv. Prashant Sivarajan stated that the existence of alternate remedy doesn’t denude the High court of its power to interfere in a matter concerned with the enforcement of fundamental rights. They also submitted that this matter was filed after the Vistara ban, and now Kamra had completely been banned from flying in the country, to balance the equity he appealed to the court to allow him to travel with one of the Airlines.

The High Court nonetheless allowed Kamra to move the appropriate authorities for redressal of his grievance and withdraw the petition.


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