Second National Judicial Pay Commission recommends a hike in Pay, Pension & Allowances of Judicial Officers across the Country

The Second National Judicial Pay Commission submitted its final report with recommendations such as an increase in the pay, pension and allowances of judicial officers. The SC constituted the Commission as per the orders laid down in the All India Judges Association case. The Chairman was former SC Judge, P.V. Reddi.

R. Basant, former Judge of Kerala High Court is the Member of the Commission and Vinay Kumar Gupta, District Judge of Delhi Higher Judicial Service is the Member-Secretary of the same.

Some of the salient features of the recommendations are:


The Junior Civil Judge/First Class Magistrate whose initial pay is Rs. 27,700 will now get Rs. 77,840 as per the revised schedule. The pay of Senior Civil Judge starts with Rs. 1,11,000 and that of the District Judge is Rs.1,44,840. The highest pay a District Judge (STS) will earn is Rs. 2,24,100.


Pension at the rate of 50% of last drawn pay worked out on the basis of proposed revised pay scales is as recommended with effect from 1-1-2016. The family pension will be that of the 30% of the last drawn pay. Additional pension will be given on completing the age of 75 years (instead of the previous age of 80 years) and percentages of pension at various stages thereafter are increased.

The existing ceiling of retirement gratuity and death gratuity is to be increased by 25% when the DA reaches 50%.


The existing allowances have been increased. Recommendations are made to improve the healthcare facilities and to simplify the procedure of reimbursement. Medical facilities to be granted to pensioners and family pensioners also.

Certain new allowances like for children an educational allowance, home orderly allowance, transport allowance, have been proposed. HRA is proposed to be increased standardly in all States. Steps to ensure proper maintenance of official quarters recommended.

The SC has to issue directions concerning the implementation of these recommendations after hearing the stakeholders.