Legal notice to Indigo airlines against travel ban by Kunal Kamra, demands 25L compensation

Comedian has filed legal notice against airline carrier Indigo over the six-month travel ban imposed on him by the airline company after a of him allegedly heckling Arnab Goswami went viral.

Kunal Kamra had shared a video of him roasting television anchor Arnab Goswami on an Indigo flight on January 28. After he posted the video, the airline imposed a travel ban on him for 6 months. Other airlines such as Air , and GoAir also banned Kunal Kamra from flying with their respective airlines until further notice.

After Indigo had banned the comedian from flying with it for six months, the captain who flew Kunal Kamra and the television anchor, said in a statement that he was disheartened by the ban imposed on the comedian.

In the legal notice that has been filed by Kunal Kamra, he has asked the airline to ‘revoke the suspension with immediate effect’ apart from issuing an ‘unconditional apology’ to him in all leading newspapers as well as electronic media and on all of the social media platforms currently being operated by the airline.

The legal notice also says that the has to be paid on account of the mental agony that he suffered. The comedian has sought a compensation of Rs 25 lakhs for mental harassment.


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