HC grants permission to conduct Public Conference against CAA-NRC-NPR

‘Makkal Athikaram’, a social organization, has been permitted by the Madras  High Court to conduct a called “Withdraw the -National Register of Citizens-, which destroy the Secularism and Basic Structure of the Constitution of India” on February 23rd 2020, at the Thenur Ulavar Santhai Corporation Ground, Trichy.

When the state authorities refused to give him permission to hold the said conference, citing law and order situation,  L.Cheziyan, the Petitioner, approached the high court which, quashing the state’s order, granted permission for the public conference.

It was argued by the state authorities that such permissions were misused by the Petitioner’s organization, on previous occasions, posing threat to public order. The state also held that the organization will display cartoons and caricatures during the conference which will affect the of other religious groups.

Justice AD Jagadish Chandira granted the permission subject to certain conditions. This was to ensure that no law and order problem arose in the course of the meeting.

Few of the important conditions laid down by the court are as follows:

  1. The conference will strictly observe the restrictions imposed on the under of the Constitution. Every speaker will ensure that he or she doesn’t hurt any religious sentiments or affect the sovereignty of India or affect the peace and harmony in the society.
  • Cartoons or any other form of visual depiction, that may hurt the religious feelings of any religious group will not be used during the conference;

  • The organizers will ensure that the conference causes no hindrance to the traffic and that the general public is not disturbed due to loudspeakers;

  • A certificate for structural stability should be obtained from the Public works Department, in case any stage is required to be installed.
  • The Organizers shall not erect any digital banners or placards on either side of the arterial roads, platforms, walkways, major roads or any other roads.
  • If the meeting is stopped or changed by the Police by reason of any urgency, the organizers shall co-operate with the respondent Police.


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