SC’s new directive on controlling Delhi’s air pollution

In many instances over the past few months, the Supreme Court has criticized the Delhi Government for poor air quality and has given specific directives to solve the problem of air pollution in the region.

The Monday Judgement saw another such directive from the Supreme Court, which issued a list of notices on stubble burning, smog, and waste management in the region. Stubble Burning in parts of Haryana and Punjab is the leading cause of heightened air pollution in Delhi.

In this light, the Supreme Court asked the Central Government, State Governments of Punjab, Haryana and UP to prepare a comprehensive plan to solve the problem of stubble burning. They were asked to give incentives and disincentives of Rupees 100 per quintal. They were further asked to prepare crop residuary management to convert waste into resources. This comes after the Supreme Court directed the practice of stubble burning to be solved immediately.

To solve the problem of smog, which has caused multiple accident and plane delays, the Supreme Court asked the Government to install two smog towers. One smog tower is to be installed in Connaught Place within three months, while the other tower will be installed in Anand Vihar.

The Court has also mandated the use of anti-smog guns in the region for projects which require environmental clearances, on sites having a built-up area of more than 20000 sq. Mts.

Waste management states have also been asked to identify dumped waste of plastic, industrial, and other trash to ensure that they are not burnt and are disposed of properly. The Government was also asked to file a status report regarding compliance with Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016, and penal action has been recommended against the developers found flouting the norms.