SC Reinstates Complainant in CJI Sexual Harassment Case To Service

The ex-junior court assistant of the supreme court who contended that she faced sexual harassment by former Chief justice of India Ranjan Gogoi was reinstated to her services with all her arrears been cleared.

April 20th, 2019 the former employee wrote to the justices of the supreme court that she was sexually harassed by justice Ranjan Gogoi during the course of her deployment at the residence of justice Gogoi in October 2018, and because of her resisting sexual advances she was transferred thrice within a short period of time and was also falsely accused in a bribery case furthermore her husband who held the position of head constable in the Delhi police was suddenly transferred from the crime division Also after a massive reporting of the issue, a special bench consisting of justice Misra, Nariman, Gupta registered a sou moto case, this bench pondered on the harassment claim along with that presented by advocate Utsav Bains alleging that corporate lobbyists and three employees of supreme court conspired to falsely accuse the CJI of sexually harassment claims and this bench concluding that in house panel need to be formed to look into the matter.

April 23rd, 2019 an inhouse panel comprising of justices Bobde, Ramana and Indira Banerjee was set up to look into the allegations by the former junior court staff.

April 24th, 2019 complainant pointed out that justice Gogoi and justice Ramanna are close friends and her allegations were previously dismissed by justice Ramana.

April 25th, 2019 Justice Ramana rescued himself and justice Indu Malhotra replaced him in the in-house panel discussing over the sexual harassment claims.

April 30th, 2019 finding the circumstances and atmosphere unamicable to the point of being freighting and feeling intimidated, alleging that the inquiry was being unfairly conducted as the procedure laid down under Vishakha guidelines and prevention of harassment against women at workplace act 2013, also lack people not willing to testify the complainant decided not to participate in the inquiry anymore.

May, 1st 2019 panel absolved the chief justice of all the allegations as according to the report which was not made public there was “no substance”  in these allegations.