Artificial Intelligence invests public faith in judicial institutions: CJI Bobde

On the 79th foundation day celebration of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) the Chief Justice of India, Justice SA Bobde stressed upon the significance of using Technology and Artificial Intelligence in judicial functioning which would aid the judicial administration. He stated that AI will be an aid pertaining to cases of repetitive nature and document management.

CJI stated that “The artificial intelligence system we are looking to employ in courts possesses the reading speeds of 1 million character per second…to read and extract all relevant facts, compute tax effect and assist in a myriad of new ways, to propel the pace of decision-making”. He also appreciated the tribunal’s idea of using video conferencing to dispose of cases at other places. The just and speedy dispute resolution will be seen as an incentive by the taxpayer.

He stated that AI is a significant tool to tackle workload in the judicial process since more nations are experimenting and implementing AI in their Justice Delivery System. He stated that this would drive the public faith in the judicial institutions.

But the CJI was clear in stating that the AI will not replace the judges “We propose to introduce, if possible, a system of artificial intelligence. There are many things which we need to look at before we introduce ourselves. We do not want to give the impression that this is ever going to substitute the judges”