Misuse of Gender Specific laws by Women

Crime against women has increased, since then the laws for the protection of women have been made stricter. Various crimes such as rape, physical assault, sexual and non-sexual violence, discrimination, demand of dowry and many more has taken place against women. After the highlighted case of rape against 23-year-old student in 2012 in Delhi (also termed as Delhi Gang rape), the public outrage had demanded more strict laws for protection against women, since then protection of women has become a very sensitive issue. India’s National Crime Records Bureau reported 3,38,954 crimes that have been taken place against women, which includes 38,947 cases are of rapes. Many amendments and new laws were introduced in protection of women along with various schemes and initiative for upliftment of women in the society.

After the implementation of laws for protection against women there are many women who make use of their rights and laws to threaten men in the society. In other words, it is said as, misuse of laws has been done by women.

The law is positively biased towards women whether it be of reservations or the constitutional provisions. The laws which are for abuse of women does not acknowledge the abuse that a man faces, showing disparities in the legal system. There is no doubt that the women are greater number of victims as compared to men, but there are many false allegations against the innocent men. Now-a-days various cases have come up which states false allegations against men whether it be of sexual harassment, rape, demand of dowry or what not.

Misuse of Gender Specific laws by Women

Women misuse laws by threatening men of filing false cases against them and framing them under false charges. There have been instances where women blackmail and threaten men just with a malafide intention of extorting money on false allegations.

Another case is of demanding maintenance after divorce, most of the women don’t disclose that they are working and demand maintenance after divorce.

Demand of dowry is the best way to extort money from husband and his family. Many times, women file an FIR against the husband and the entire family that they are demanding dowry. This is done by women mainly when they want that their demand needs to be fulfilled. There have been such false cases by women that she lodges an FIR against her husband and his entire family including a 2-year-old child.

Even Section 498A of IPC as a weapon than a shield. Because many of the husbands and families have been victim of false acquisition by their daughter in law. Many cases of 498A are turning out to be false, and in the end of the case it leads to mere blackmail attempts by the wife or her relatives.

Misuse of Gender Specific laws by Women

On 23rd August 2015, Jasleen Kaur, a student of St, Stephens College, posted a picture of a guy named Sarvjeet Singh on facebook stating that he has harassed and passed obscene comments on her. The post went viral and the guy was arrested. The woman was praised by everyone including various actors and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and police commissioner also announced a cash reward of Rs. 5000. Media and the society called the guy to be a “pervert” and “harasser”. After investigation it was seen that it was Jasleen who verbally abused and misbehaved with the man. In this case the innocent man Sarvjeet Singh faced many harsh words from media and the society, he even lost many job opportunities.

Due to these false acquisitions by women and mental pressure and shame by society some men are forced to take a bold step like suicide. Due to such cases the innocent men also have to face many things among the society, friends along with the men his family also has to face the mental pressure and shame of the society. Men is also afraid of losing his job due to these false accusations.

Women make misuse of laws which have been made for their support and protection, but women use it as a weapon and not as a shield. One should not take advantage of anything given specifically to them for their support and benefit. Everyone is educated and aware about the basic laws, must use them for equality and with bonafide intentions. It is good that laws are strict and in favour of protection of women so that crime against women can be controlled, but there must be laws which should be much harsh for those whoever misuse the law for their own personal greed, such as domestic violence and dowry laws are the most used by women for putting false accusations against husband and his family. Even the Supreme Court of India identified that men are victims in Domestic Violence cases. There is a need to seek laws for the protection of men who have faced false accusation against them.