Regulate Cab Platforms like Ola, Uber over Women Safety:SC

The sexual harassment cases are increasing day by day. Many of the recent cases include sexual harassment by cab drivers run on app based platforms. To look into the issue, Supreme Court gave directions to the Government to amend the law and make the system more effective considering the safety of women.

The issue was brought before a three judge bench in the Supreme Court consisting of Justice S.A. Bobde , Justice R. Subhash Reddy and Justice B.R. Gavai. The bench was sensitized towards the issue and gave directions to the Government to make all necessary steps or amend the law to ensure safety of women in cab run on app based platform like Ola and Uber.

The issue was pleaded by Senior Advocate Indira Jaisingh who was amicus curae and brought the issue to the Court of Law. It was pleaded that it is the duty of government to take steps for the safety of women and suggested some measures like putting a panic bell in the cabs in the cases of emergency.

These operators are not covered under the Motor Vehicle Act as they claim themselves to be intermediaries which cannot be regulated. They are operating in a vacuum,” she told the bench. She said the companies do not carry out background checks on their drivers, making the commuters particularly vulnerable. The court said it was for the Centre to regulate the App-based transport service providers. The Centre, however, said that the existing law has to be amended to bring such companies under regulation.

Thus, Supreme Court gave Directions to the Government to amend the law and ensure safety of women.