Pehlu Khan Still Guilty: Lawyer of 6 in Lynching Case

The victim Pehlu Khan who was a resident of Jaisinghpur village left his village for Jaipur to purchase dairy cattle. He was returning to his village from Jaipur along with six others. The seven of them were stopped near Jaguwas crossing at Jaipur-Delhi national highway by 200 cow vigilantes. Khan showed the mob the documents in order to prove that the cows have been bought only for milk and not for any other purpose. Despite this, all seven of them were dragged out of the vehicle and beaten with sticks and rods leading to the demise of Pehlu Khan after he succumbed to his injuries.

Now the lawyer, Hukum Chand Sharma who represented the six people accused of killing Khan has come out with a statement that Pehlu Khan is still guilty.

“Pehlu Khan is guilty even today (cow smuggling case). The government hasn’t given him a clean chit.” Sharma said that the government has issued orders to re-investigate the matter. “We’ll see when the verdict comes out,” he added.

Earlier, the six accused involved in the 2017 lynching had been acquitted by an Alwar court giving them the benefit of doubt. This has happened despite the fact that the lynching was caught on camera in which the accused can be clearly seen hassling and dragging Pehlu and the other six men across the road.