Delhi Assembly passes resolution to rebuild Ravidas Temple

A day after thousands took to the streets to protest the demolition of the Ravidas Temple, the Delhi Legislative Assembly Thursday passed a resolution demanding to rebuild the temple at the same site after the Centre allots land. They also demanded that the Centre must immediately bring an Ordinance to allot the land for Ravidas temple.

The resolution moved by MLA Vishesh Ravi said, “the government of NCT of Delhi should construct a magnificent Ravidas temple at the same site after the Centre allots land.”

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the Delhi government is working to make the society more equal, which is what Sant Ravidas wanted. Urging the Centre to chalk out a way to build the temple at the same site, Kejriwal said, “if DDA gives 4-acre land to Ravidas, we will give 100 acres to DDA. We will plant saplings as well. Only the Centre can resolve the issue. Had the DDA not opposed the Ravidas Samiti in SC, the temple would not have been demolished.”

“Not just Dalits, people across communities are saddened by the demolition. It has directly affected 12-15 crore people of the Ravidas community,” he added.

On Wednesday, the DDA officials had said that they would wait for the Supreme Court order to decide whether a new piece of land will be allotted for the temple elsewhere in the city.

The temple was demolished on August 10 by the Delhi Development Authority on orders of the Supreme Court since it was occupying forest land. Protesters, largely Dalit devotees who landed in Delhi from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, have been demanding that the temple be restored at the same location.