Chinmayanand case:‘Get my parents here, don’t want to go back’: UP law student to top court

The law student who accused former Union minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Swami Chinmayanand of harassment on Friday met the Supreme judges and told them that she does not want to go back to Uttar Pradesh. She has requested to stay in Delhi till the time she meets her in the city.

The law student, who had gone missing after levelling sexual harassment charges against Chinmayanand, was found in Rajasthan by the Uttar Pradesh Police. The young woman – had put out video message accusing BJP leader Swami Chinmayanand of “destroying the lives of several girls”.

Justices R Banumathi and AS Bopanna had stayed back in the court well after working hours to wait for the young woman who was traced by the Uttar Pradesh police to Rajasthan. She was being taken back to Shahjahanpur to meet her parents when the Supreme Court directed the police to produce her before it.

That trip took longer than expected but the two judges waited for the young woman. The interaction finally took place at 6.35 pm in Justice Banumathi chambers. When the court assembled later at 7.30 p.m., the judges took note of the concerns expressed by the young woman.

After meeting her, the Supreme Court ordered police to the law student’s parents and also directed the Delhi Police to escort them to Delhi.

“We have spoken to the girl. She says she doesn’t want to go back to Uttar Pradesh till she meets her parents here and after meeting she will take the decision on her future course of action. Considering the facts of the case, we direct the Commissioner of Police, Delhi to send a team of police for their [parents of the law student] comfortable travel to meet the girl,” the Supreme Court bench said.

When the Additional Solicitor General, appearing for the Uttar Pradesh government, argued that the parents of the girl have been under UP Police protection for last seven days, a woman lawyer said that the girl’s father has raised serious concerns about it.

The ASG also requested the Supreme Court to let the UP Police escort the woman’s parents to Delhi as, he said, the “order would reflect badly on us”. The Supreme Court, however, directed the Delhi Police to bring the girl’s parents to Delhi.

“The Delhi Police personnel who go to escort the parents and will keep a skeletal staff with the parents for their protection,” the bench said, adding, “We would be more comfortable if instead of UP Police, the Delhi Police can go and bring the parents to Delhi.”

The court has also said that the girl would not meet any other person until she meets her parents. “We make it clear that the girl will not meet anyone else till she meets her parents,” the SC bench ordered.

“Registrar Judicial shall coordinate a meeting of the girl with her parents. She shall not meet other people until she meets them. Place where she stays shall permit her to use a landline to talk to them,” the bench, in its order, said.

On leaving Uttar Pradesh, the law student told the SC judges that she left Shahjahanpur along with her three college mates who are family friends in order to protect herself.


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