US Court of Appeals : President Trump violated first Amendment by blocking twitter users critical of him

After second circuit, it was held by the US court of Appeals that the US President Donald Trump violated First Amendment by blocking and excluding selective users of twitter with disagreement and critical views about him which further led to discrimination based on expressing political outlook.

US Court of Appeals : President Trump violated first Amendment by blocking twitter users critical of him

According to the judgement passed by circuit judges namely Parker, Hall and Droney, it was affirmed that exclusion of twitter users by US President Trump led to discrimination of expression of critics which restricted selective users from expressing their individual political point of view. Twitter is an official public forum used by US President for declaration of policy making. So, US President Trump cannot selectively exclude twitter users from expressing their views.

As a result it was concluded by District Court that, by preventing plaintiffs from presenting their views, replies, likings and disliking excluded plaintiffs from public platform which lead to prohibition of first amendment.

The Case was against US President Donald Trump, his social media guru Scavino and former white House press secretary Sarah Hackable Sanders and the petitioners were a group of twitter users who were blocked by the President’s twitter account. The individual petitioners were namely Rebecca Buckwalter, Holly Figueroa, Eugene Gu , Brandon Neely, Joseph Papp, Philip Cohen and Nicholas Pappas. An organization also joined the case of the name knight Institute, although the knight Institute was not blocked put was part of the case because blocking of users didn’t let him view their political viewpoint.

The case ruling lead to injunctive relief and declaratory relief to the petition seeking party. Hence, it was told to the litigants and the public that ,“The best response to disfavoured speech on matters of public concern is more speech, not less”. It is wrong to limit twitter users to restrain them from their right to speak in public platform.