Triple Talaq Bill passed in Lok Sabha

Triple Talaq Bill in Lok Sabha seeks to replace the ordinance passed by the previous authorities in February after a comparable bill could not be exceeded inside the Rajya Sabha. After an extended debate, Lok Sabha on July 25th, Thursday exceeded the contentious Muslim women (protection of Rights on Marriage) bill 2019, usually known as the Triple Talaq bill with a majority of 303 votes.

 After individuals of Parliament raised questions often on the decriminalization of the bill, Union law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad stated, “If we provide a provision of bail under the law, the husband can pass scot-free when he says he hasn’t given triple talaq.” He also said the law isn’t based on religion or for garnering votes, it’s for women empowerment. That is the first time that the Bill was tabled in the seventeenth Lok Sabha by the BJP authorities after coming to power. The Triple Talaq Bill was tabled in the Lok Sabha by Prasad. A heated debate happened between the Centre and the opposition over the contentious bill. Calling the bill as “anti-Islam”, AIMIM Asaduddin Owaisi said introducing a law will no longer remove a social evil.

Lok Sabha passes Triple Talaq Bill

Triple Talaq case (Shayara Bano v. Union of India and Ors.) [2017 9 SCC 1], the problem which pertains with Triple Talaq is that with this practice husband is able to divorce his spouse with the aid of honestly uttering the phrase ‘talaq’ 3-time consecutively.

The present day bill was brought in Lok Sabha on June 21, 2019. Preceding attempts to introduce the regulation have been met with staunch competition. A 2017 model of the bill tabled within the Lok Sabha. However, the bill did not see the light of day after opposition expressed reservations regarding some provisions of the bill.

Lok Sabha passes Triple Talaq Bill
Union law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

The Muslim women (protection of Rights on Marriage) bill 2019, which aims to criminalize instant triple talaq, was introduced by Union law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, last month. Prasad had brought a clean bill in this regard to ban instantaneous triple talaq in the Lok Sabha, pronouncing it’d help shield the rights of Muslim women. The Bill seeks to update the ordinance handed by the previous authorities in February after a similar bill couldn’t be passed within the Rajya Sabha.

Thereafter, the Central Government exceeded an Ordinance criminalizing the workout of Triple Talaq in September 2018. After the Ordinance lapsed, the Union cabinet re-delivered it within the form of a bill, which resembles the Ordinance. The bill deemed any pronouncement of Talaq by just uttering the word ‘Talaq’, void and illegal. It additionally prescribed a jail sentence for a Muslim husband who indulges within the practice that could pass up to a few years. The offence of Triple Talaq changed into moreover made a cognizable one if facts concerning the offence are given with the aid of the married women (against whom Talaq has been declared). The offence may be compoundable at the instance of the married female. A Magistrate also can grant bail to a Muslim man accused of committing the offence, if it appears that there are reasonable grounds for doing so.


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