Ranchi court withdraws order to distribute Quran for bail over communal post

Ranchi court withdraws order to distribute Quran for bail over communal post

A court in Ranchi on Wednesday withdrew its order to a college student to donate copies of the Quran.

The court dropped the condition on a of the police citing difficulties in its implementation. With the modified order, Bharti was granted regular bail on condition of furnishing bail bond of 7,000.

“Having gone through the petition and heard submissions of Id. APP, the order was passed by this Court on 15/07/2019 allowing regular bail to the petitioner Richa Bharti, in view of the aforesaid submissions of Id. APP, this Court modifies its earlier order by dropping the additional condition of distribution of copies of Holy Kuran by the petitioner,” the court order read.

The woman was recently arrested for sharing an offensive social media post targeting Muslims. Her arrest had created resentment among Hindu community members.

On Tuesday, Judicial Magistrate Manish Kumar Singh had asked Richa Bharti, who was arrested for allegedly sharing objectionable post about a community, to donate four copies of Quran to government-owned educational institutions and one to the complainant, Mansur Khalifa, who is also a member of Sadar Anjuman Committee. The order stated that Bharti had to donate the copies of Quran within a fortnight in police presence, and asked for a compliance .

“I did not write the post. I got it from somewhere and just cut it and pasted. People from other communities post such things but they were never told to distribute Hanuman Chalisa. This is not fair,” she had said.

Later speaking to a television channel, Bharti said she will not distribute the Quran. “Will the court tomorrow ask me to read namaaz or convert to Islam?” she questioned

Some Muslim clerics, however, hailed the court’s directive as a measure of promoting communal harmony.

Umer Ahmed Ilyasi, a Delhi-based cleric, said: “I would like to congratulate the judiciary as well as each and every citizen of India for this historic judgment as it promotes and ensures communal harmony and peace.”

Bharati said that she will not comply with the condition to donate copies of the religious book. She said that although she respects the court, the but will not comply to it as it is infringing her fundamental right.


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