Ranchi court directs woman to “distribute copies of Quran” for release on Bail

Now a day’s religious disputes in is increasing and is a very sensitive and controversial topic specially the Hindu-Muslim issues. People as well as the political parties make use of this sensitive topic to gain support and vote bank from the public. Public also post their views on media and comment on certain religious related topics which can put that person in a situation to face the judge in the for bail.

Ranchi court directs woman to “distribute copies of Quran” for release on Bail

Something like this happened in Ranchi, where a college student Richa Bharti shared a message on Facebook that had a communal content. On the complaint of Mansur Khalifa, who is a member of Sadar Anjuman Committee, Richa was arrested by the local police and was sent to jail, case was registered with Pithoria Police Station on 12th July.

After her arrest, some Hindu organization protested in front of Pithoria Police Station demanding her release, which was later withdrawn after a meeting with the SP of the area claiming that the accused will be released soon.

Richa Bharti applied for her bail which was granted by Judicial Magistrate Sh. Manish Singh, on a condition that she will donate copies of Quran. Richa Bharti’s Advocate Ramparvesh Singh, said the court has given conditional bail to the accused. She has to donate one copy of Muslim Religious book to Sadar Anjuman Committee in the presence of the police authorities and five copies to the government educational libraries and submit the receipts of the donation within 15 days.


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