Railway tribunal judge sacked in Rs 50-crore fraud claims case

Railway tribunal judge sacked in Rs 50-crore fraud claims case

In an unprecedented move, judge of the has been sacked after he was found guilty in a scam involving fraud worth 50 Crores. The judge, AK Mittal was removed from his post after the Supreme Court probe found his involvement in the scam. Ram Nath Kovind looked into the matter and removed the Mr. Mittal after accepting the findings of the probe. This is the first instance that a judge of Railway Claims Tribunal has been removed after facing these charges.

The probe looking into the matter was headed by UU Lalit who found AK Mittal, who was previously posted at the Ernakulum bench guilty of fraudulent activity. The issue was related to claims which were awarded by Mittal when he was the head of the Patna bench during 2015-17. The bench which is the head bench looked into the matter after suspecting something and an internal probe scrutinized more than 1000 orders. The probe found later that there was double filing and award of claims for the same incident. It also discovered that Mittal had ordered a very high rate of interest.

A probe by the Principal Bench in Delhi had alleged that Mittal had been in connivance with a few lawyers in Patna. It was also alleged that he carried this scam in the of some local lawyers. Mittal denied all the allegations.  A CBI probe has been established to unmask other people involved in the scam.


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