POCSO Amendment Bill Gets Rajya Sabha nod

The POCSO Amendment Bill was passed by Rajya Sabha on Wednesday by including death penalty for increasing sexual assault on children, also providing stringent or strict punishments for other crimes against children or minor. The amendment Bill will be sent to the Lok Sabha for its final approval.

The “Protection of Children against sexual offences act”, provided fines and imprisonment to curb child pornography.

Women and children development minister Smriti Irani , introduced the POCSO Amendment Bill, 2019 in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday to fight against increasing cases of sexual abuse, the Union cabinet approved to make amendments for offences against children to strengthen the power of POCSO act. She went on to applaud “Derel O’Brien” for sharing his own experience of sexual harassment. She was taken aback from the incident.

Smriti Irani declared that 123 fast track courts have been sanctioned by government for women. There are more than one lakh cases that are pending across India and consent was given by 18 States to establish such courts. The government is given sanction for Rs 700 crore expenditure and the target is 2021 for establishment of such courts.

POCSO Amendment Bill Gets Rajya Sabha nod

According to the National Sexual offenders Registry 6 lakh sexual offenders have been registered. Congress leader Vivek K Tankha supported the bill.

He said that National Crime Record Bureau has no data about offenses against children after 2016. He further went on to talk about the poor conviction rate under the law as many cases were left pending all across the country. The trial was completed with 30% conviction rate to 10,000 cases.

Demand for chemical castration was put by the AIADMK leader Vijila Sathyananth for conviction of such crimes. She also demanded to fully utilize the budget allocation by the government under women and child development.

She also demanded to have a closed circuit camera in public buildings and entire treatment process will done by State and medical examination is to be done by female doctors of female victims along with mental health expert.