Mahua Moitra files Criminal defamation case against Zee News editor for accusing her of plagiarism

Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra has filed a criminal defamation case towards , Editor-in-chief of Zee News, for alleging that her Lok Sabha speech on the ‘Seven Signs of Fascism’ turned out to be plagiarized. Moitra’s speech, introduced on 25 June in the Parliament, had long past gone viral and generated a variety of statement. Regardless of Moitra mentioning the source of her statistics concerning the “seven symptoms” at some point of the speech, Sudhir Chaudhary had accused her of plagiarism.

Mahua Moitra files Criminal defamation case against Zee News editor for accusing her of plagiarism

After the accusation, Moitra’s spirited defense of her speech had damaged the internet once again. However now, the MP has decided to pursue legal motion in opposition to the television anchor. Taking cognizance of Moitra’s criticism, Metropolitan Justice of the Peace Preeti Parewa indexed the problem to be taken up on 20 July. Moitra’s declaration might be recorded on that date.

Appearing for Moitra, Advocate Shadaan Farasat along with advocate Adit Pujari submitted that her speech was inspired by a Holocaust poster in a United States museum.

 The poster contained 14 signs of early fascism.

“…it is a widely popular poster…she takes (seven) signs (of early fascism) and applies them to ’, it was argued.

The further delivered that Moitra “without a doubt attributed” the source as she stated that the symptoms were taken from the said poster. However, Zee News Editor, Sudhir Chaudhary ran a printed mentioning that Mahua Moitra had plagiarized her “hate-crammed speech” added in Parliament. In his broadcast, Chaudhary alleged that her perspectives had been no longer her very own, however had been ‘copy-pasted’ from an editorial written via Martin Longman in reference to US President Donald Trump. After briefly listening , Parewa agreed to record the pre-summoning proof of Mahua Moitra on July 20. Further, Moitra had also presented a breach of privilege movement contrary to Chaudhary.


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