Divorce Between Parents Adversely Affect Child’s Personality: SC

Children who are raised in divorced families have less positive attitudes towards marriage, and more positive attitudes towards divorce. This negative thought about marriage leads to decrease in trust, commitment in relationships, which leads to fight and weak bond between the partners and a negative thought in child’s mind. The children with positive attitude in mind leads to better result in their life as compared to other children with negative thought. Studies have proven that, the result of a persons work specifically depends upon his thought and attitude of thinking.

Marital Divorce Between Parents Adversely Affect A Child’s Personality: SC

Those Adolescents who have experienced their parents divorces may feel that marriage is unpredictable and unstable. Children who have experienced parental divorce are more likely to expect to divorce, compared with children of intact families. Parental separation/divorce is associated with academic difficulties, including lower grades and prematurely dropping out of school, and greater disruptive behaviours. Children and adolescents who experience the divorce of their parents also have higher rates of depressed mood, lower self-esteem, and emotional distress.

LAHARI SAKHAMURI v. SOBHAN KODALI The Supreme court in its judgement pronounced:

The persons who are affected are the minor children who have been directly impacted because of the fact that their parents have not been able to resolve their differences. Children are very sensitive and due to the conflict of their parents if could not be resolved at the earliest, the minor children became the victim of the time for which they are not at fault but indeed the sufferers. It has to be examined in different perspective also that rights of the child as a progressive approach to the best interest of the child and what is needed in the best interest of the child is the one which has to be deciphered by us in the instant proceedings through the manifold arguments being advanced from both sides keeping in view the principles of law on the subject but still remain a guess work.

In this case there was a family of 4 including 2 children living abroad. The couple got divorced and one parent wanted the custody of the child living in India and other parent was living abroad, the children were in a school of USA and were resident of USA having a green card. Here, the court said that due to the divorce of the couple children are being affected.

In the past decades it has been seen that that there is fall in family size in the modern countries. The main reason behind this is the large number of divorce cases taking place. The divorce rate has been doubled in number in the recent days, which have affected the children’s personality.

Understanding the magnitude of these problems and the causal mechanisms through which divorce influences these behaviours, therefore, has important social consequences.

To reduce the cases of divorce, Indian judiciary is also promoting mediation centers where the couple can mediate and sort their matter and live happily. This will also reduce the number of divorce cases taking place and will be a good sign for a healthy society.

A good interactive family are more likely to teach well what is the importance of marriage and can tell their children about it in a much simple and successful manner where children can learn and understand the right things for the betterment of the society and for themselves too. This approach should be adopted toward reducing the risks in children’s lives, including parental separation/divorce.