Man approaches Delhi HC to ban IPL auctions was fined

There are many controversies and cases some of which are still pending against twenty-20 cricket league which is popularly known as IPL. IPL is short term of “Indian Premier League”.

Here is one more, A man named Sudhir Sharma, filed a PIL in Delhi High Court, which challenge the auctioning of players in the IPL, comparing it with the Illegal Human Trafficing. However, the PIL was dismissed by the Division bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar stating that “this is not a Public Interest Litigation rather it’s a Publicity Interest Litigation”. The bench also imposed a fine of Rs. 25000 on the person.

Sudhir, in his Plea compared the auctioning of cricketers in the IPL, with the illegal Human Trafficking as the players are purchased and sold by the corporates, through the bidding process, hence amounting to illegal human trafficking.

He also stated that these practices promote corruption, nepotism and human trafficking by selling of human (i.e. cricket players) through bidding on national television. This also promote the corruption prevailing through open bidding, selling and auctions of humans which is intense violation of law and the legal system.

Man approaches Delhi HC to ban IPL auctions was fined

The division bench of Delhi High Court dismissed the petition and also fined Sudhir Sharma of Rs. 25000. The bench also stated that IPL is followed widely across the globe, fans from all over the world enjoy the tournament. Playing for the IPL teams raised the prestige of the cricketers of the world. Every year hundreds of players enroll themselves for the IPL auction to play in the league, but unfortunately only few of them are picked up by the corporates. IPL is the way to find the hidden talented cricketers across the world

The IPL auction is one of the most interesting cricketing events and is also broadcasted live on television. There is a great level of excitement that goes about it and even the current and former cricketers enjoy being a part of an event of this magnitude.