Cabinet approves bill to scrap 58 redundant laws

Cabinet approves bill to scrap 58 redundant laws

The on 17th of July, 2019 cleared a bill for the abrogation of at least 58 unnecessary from the statute books. A senior ministry official said after the bill gets parliamentary nod, new bill be introduced to repeal more than 100 other unnecessary laws.

The NDA government in its two terms has sent to the chopping block 1,824 old laws which had become redundant.

Most of these acts already have been taken down in the substantial and thus of relevance but as it is passed by the parliament, it will only get abrogated by a new bill of the parliament. After the Modi government came to power in  2014 , a two member panel was set up to look into repeal of obsolete laws and the panel also consulted the Center and state governments before recommending the legislations to be repealed.

After the Repealing and Amendment Bill, 2019 gets parliamentary nod, 137 laws, which, according to the government, have lost their relevance will be scrapped in the next lot.

The list of these 58 which will be repealed was not immediately available, but sources in the government said most are Acts which were enacted to amend principal or main laws.

And it is not the first instance of this cleansing and scavenging of legislations, it happened in the past many times, and it is essential as well in making the governance more accountable.


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