PIL against Coastal Road allowed by Bombay High Court

In recent years, Mumbai has witnessed several forms of environmental damage that has affected the flora and fauna on a large scale. With the rapid progress in the city, usually the environmental concerns are ignored. Same issue was brought before the Bombay High Court before a division bench consisting of Chief Justice Pradeep Nandrajog and Justice Nitin Jamdar. The case related to the construction of coastal road to join two distinct points of the city. The bench accepted the PIL.

Bombay High Court allows PIL against Coastal Road

It has been a historic achievement for the activists and environmentalists as the High Court accepted the PIL to stop the construction of coastal road.

The coastal road is around 35.56 km form north to south Mumbai and extends from Prince street flyover on Marine Drive to a tunnel beneath Malabar Hills and Nepean Sea Road.

There is a huge environmental concern behind the project as coral reefs requires stagnant water. It would cause a huge devastation of fauna in the sea.

Frischmann Prabhu was appointed to look into the matter. In the report it was stated that no studies and relevant research has been conducted to look into environmental issues and the project lacked the inclusion of social aspects hindered in the construction of the road.

The High court ruled that the project did not have necessary environmental clearance and also quashed the CRZ Clearance 2011 for the project.